Solar Program Helps Homeowners Save 1000's in Electricity Costs


Solar Incentives Extended Through  2021

Just like Tesla is disrupting the auto car industry by providing cheaper and better cars, the whole electricity industry in the India is getting an overhaul because of the  government electricity cost savings program. The government is incentivizing installation of solar panels at your homes by giving a tax incentive, which makes the installation of solar panels possible at a very limited cost. The average Indian can now save thousands of dollars in electricity costs every year by going solar.

The power companies have raised their concern with the government for incentivizing schemes which conflict with their business objectives. But the government has stood firmly on its ground saying that they will uphold the program for at least a year.

This Government  Solar Program  is incentivizing Indians to not only contribute to the environment and be a responsible citizen, but is also helping them to save on electricity costs, putting more money in their pockets.

Average Indians are now making the smart decision of switching over to Solar while the incentive program is still running. They’re saving a lot of money every year. A tool has also been designed to tell you how much you may be able to save in bills every month.

To check if it is available in your zip code, you can click the link below:

Frequently asked questions

1) Isn’t solar costlier?

Solar panels are much cheaper today than 10 years ago. And with the new incentive program, the average Indian can now install solar with a very minimal cost and start saving money immediately.

2) How to qualify for the program?

The solar program is rolled out in specific areas for now. You can check your zip code in the link provided above. Or you can click here to check if you qualify >> »

3) How much money can I save per year with the program?

There is a link provided above named “Calculate your new bill” where you can calculate how much money you would be able to save off your electric bill.

4) Will there be any upfront cost?

Many states have rolled out the program where the home owner will have to pay a minimal cost and can start saving money immediately. However, in some states the rebates are lower and there will be some cost incurred.

5) When will the incentive program end?

The program can be used at least through 2021 but it drops from 26% to 22% on Jan. 1, 2021.. However, it is advisable to utilize the program as soon as possible.

Click to check if the program is active in your state, you can click on your state below:

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